Colorful Gheri Taco Yoga Bag

Product Description

Tacos are magical. They have the capacity to hold an unbelievably delicious mixture of ingredients in a single tortilla. The taco bag is held up to the same standard. It can fit all of your yoga necessities in a single taco-shaped bag. The center perfectly fits a yoga mat, towel, and even some clothes. Side pockets fit a water bottle, phone, wallet, keys, and anything else your inner yogi desires. Clips on the top keep your taco secure and two sets of straps allow you to carry your taco bag the way you think makes you look the coolest.
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Product Details

  • Construction: 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Dimension: 21 inches H X 21 inches
  • Bag wraps around the mat and locks with plastic buckles
  • Pocket dimension: 11" X 6" X 2 inches, Entry Zipper
  • Second pocket dimension: 6" X 5" X 1"