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Why we Need to go Outside & Be Nice to Each Other

There are a lot of things I want to talk about; a lot of truths and did-you-knows that I think need to be brought up more often, but I will focus on only two topics that I believe to be most urgent.

Spring has Arrived

Honestly, I love all of the seasons, but I have to take a moment to give credit to spring for all of its unique and diverse beauties.


Most people give spring the image of fresh flowers, baby animals, and new beginnings. While I agree with this image of spring, I am more in favor of spring being wild and temperamental like a child who wants to play all day and refuses to go inside for a nap. One day there will be sunshine and gentle breezes and flowers stretching their arms to the sky and the next day grey clouds will have rolled in with a thunderous growl and the flowers cower under the weight of the raindrops.

Why I'm in Love with Vests!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, but I must talk about vests. Let me go ahead and say that I love vests. They are amazing. There is no purpose they cannot serve and the pattern and color options are endless. They are like the much-loved purse, but better.

How to Stay Positive While Trying to Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

New Years is one of the best and worst holidays of the year. It has all the delicious food and celebration of Christmas, but does not include the fight-people-in-malls maddening stress of having to buy everyone a gift. For the most part, we stop at the liquor store on the way to the party, grab a bottle of champagne, and show up.

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