Aromafume Incense Pack 9pieces/3 Box Set

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Color: Purple


These incense's treat your senses to the rich, warm and unmistakable aroma of Sandalwood, Lavender, Lime, Jasmine and Rose. The sweet fragrance along with its delicate notes are gorgeously balanced. These incense have a subtle yet pervasive aroma creating an instantly soothing ambience.


  •  Content: Handmade Incense Bricks
  •  Burning Time : 45 - 60 mins (with Exotic Incense Diffuser)
  •  Ash-Free | Minimal Smoke | Non-Toxic | Eliminates Odor
  •  Use for : Pooja | Meditation | Yoga | SPA | Air Freshener
  •  Long lasting than Dhoop, Kapur, Agarbatti, Camphor