Rainbow Kite Dream Catcher

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Dream Catchers are deeply respected and widely used in Native American culture. Tradition says that you should hang the Dream Catcher by your bedroom window or at the head of your bed. Good dreams come in and dance through the hole in the center of the Dream Catcher and lay to rest on the feathers and then float down to the minds of the "sleeping ones". Bad dreams get caught in the Dream Catcher's web and the prayer breads on it help to trap the bad dreams in the web and then they burn the bad dreams away. To help with bad dreams, it is good to have at least one Dream Catcher, but some put a Dream Catcher in every window to protect the whole house. Dream Catchers are not only believe to bless the "sleeping ones" with pleasant dreams, but they are also believed to bless the "sleeping ones" with good luck and harmony throughout their lives.


  • Construction- Plastic beads with feathers and threads
  • Diameter-First Circle: 6  inches
  • Length: 38 inches including the string
  • Made in Nepal